Friday, 1 March 2013

Trojan Remover

Trojan Remover is a simple yet amazing tool that can safeguard your vital information in your systems. Trojan remover is written especially to scan windows auto run load points and check the programs loaded in the memory for Trojans and worms.

The scanning is very quick when it comes to removing threats by Trojans. It uses the simple technique of renaming them and preventing from being automatically loaded while your reboot your systems. Trojan remover also can repair registry entries created by Trojans.

Although many of the standard antivirus and internet security programs are capable of detecting and eliminating Trojans, some of the standard ones do miss a few harmful Trojans and worms. Trojan remover can be very effective in finding and removing threats from the undetected Trojans. Most antivirus packages often are not effective if the Trojan has already triggered action. This is where Trojan remover comes to your rescue. You need not manually edit system files and entries in registry if you have Trojan remover. The latest version of the Trojan Remover, 6.8.3 has advanced detection methods and also supports 64 bit systems. Trojan remover is a must if you aren’t willing to spend huge sums on security packages. This software can provide you with the extra shield and protect your sensitive data.

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